Friday, April 20, 2018

Yummy best cake in dubai

Honey Cake in Dubai

Our cakes taste as good as they look and they're sure to delight your guests on your special occasion. The House of Cakes specialises in custom orders. Let us know what colors and special inscription are needed. We are happy to customize your cake. If you don't find the cake you are looking for let us know, we will make it for you.Can't think of the right shape, words, colors or decorations?

Cake shops in dubai
Dubai Cake

Delicious Cake in dubai

This cake is served like a piece of art; perfect chocolate garnishes,branded chocolate buttons and chocolate truffles aplenty. If you’re a fan of chocolate, caramel and almonds, this cake wins without a battle. Its rich icing might discourage a few with its aggressive sweetness, but if you can get past the coated layer of sugar, the cake is well worth devouring.

Chocolate  Forest in Dubai

Cakes aren’t meant to be upside down, unless they are home-baked by an amateur.  The simple butter pound cake is topped with sweet pineapple slices and ground almonds; perfect for grandma’s birthday.

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